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The Beard in the North

Standard Drinking Horns

Standard Drinking Horns

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Complete your Viking or Renaissance Faire Garb with one of our 100% Real Natural Horn Standard Drinking Horns. Our standard horns may seem smaller in size, but they will still hold plenty of libation to celebrate your victories. Perfect Viking or Renaissance Faire Garb, Fantasy Role-Playing or your next TTRPG session.   

Polished to a beautiful rustic shine. Some texture was left to give respect to the animal and its life such as battle scars and wounds from various sources. 

Includes leather belt frog.

Sizes will vary, choose the size that best suits your needs.

Extra Small: Under 9 oz

Small: 12-15 oz

Medium: 16-19 oz

Large: 20-23 oz

Extra Large: 24 oz Plus

PLEASE NOTE: Each horn is completely unique. Pictures provide examples of what you MAY receive, they do not guarantee you will receive any specific style or look of horn. Also, while horn is a fairly strong material, it is indeed a natural material. This means it can break if abused and is susceptible to change in temperature. Please see my page on Horn Care and Maintenance.

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