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The Beard in the North

Ebony Pendant - Hávamál, Stanza 77

Ebony Pendant - Hávamál, Stanza 77

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"Deyr fé
deyja frændr
deyr sjálfr it sama
ek veit einn
at aldri deyr
dómr um dauðan hvern"

- Hávamál, Stanza 77

Stanza 77 is one of my favorite parts of the Hávamál, and its words are powerful. In the end, we all die just the same. The rich, the poor, whether you're healthy or incredibly over weight does not matter. Through time all of those things will be forgotten. What will not be forgotten, however, is the deeds we perform throughout our lives. The good deeds of great people is what will live on forever.

This stanza of the Hávamál has been hand burned into an Ebony wood pendant, and treated with danish oil to give a beautiful finish and protect the wood and the runes.

The pendant comes with an adjustable length black leather cord.
Pendant is approximately 2.5" in length.


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