Rune Antler Pendant - Stippled

Rune Antler Pendant - Stippled

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"I know that I hung,

on a wind-rocked tree,

nine whole nights,

with a spear wounded,

myself to myself;

on that tree,

of which no one knows

from what root it springs."

Hávamál 138, Rúnatal

Let these pendants grant the wearer the knowledge and wisdom that the runes gave the High-One. 

Choose a Rune from the list below (Choose other and leave a note if what you would like carved is not listed).

That Rune will be carved upon a piece of Deer Antler (approximately 2 inches) and surrounded by a stippled pattern.

Each Rune pendant has the rune or sigil stained black, and the antler dyed a dark brown color.

Includes an adjustable leather cord.

**Note: Antler is a natural product. I cannot guarantee color or looks of a specific piece. Each piece takes the dye differently. Although I can usually tell which ones will turn out darker or lighter, I will guarantee neither result. If you want a specific style of antler, please leave a note with your order and I will try to accommodate as best I can.**


- Please allow 3-5 business days for production of these items -