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The Beard in the North

Antler Rune Set

Antler Rune Set

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"I know that I hung,

on a wind-rocked tree,

nine whole nights,

with a spear wounded,

myself to myself;

on that tree,

of which no one knows

from what root it springs."

Hávamál 138, Rúnatal


Runes of shed antler coins.

Burned with 24 runes of the Elder Futhark

Each set is completely unique in size, shape and color. I do my best to categorize them into three different size options. However, due to the natural element of antler growth there will always be slight variations in these qualities and the set pictured is not necessarily the set you will receive. 

Three Size Options:

- Small (Roughly Penny/Nickel Size)

- Medium (Roughly Quarter Size)

- Large (Roughly Half Dollar Size)

Each set comes with linen pouch that has been stamp with a hand carved Web of Wyrd stamp. Stamped in either white or red ink. Color will be chosen at random based on availability. If you have a preference please leave a note with your order and I will try and accommodate the requests if I am able. However, I cannot guarantee you will receive that color. 

Each set will be ritually cleansed before shipping to prepare them for your use. 

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