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The Beard in the North

Odin Godmask - Altar Cloth

Odin Godmask - Altar Cloth

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The design for this Altar Cloth is based off of the Aarhus Runestone, or sometimes called, The Mask Stone. The original stone was found in Aarhus. Denmark in the foundation of a water mill that had burned down.

The Runic inscription on the stone reads as follows:

"Gunnulfr and Eygautr/Auðgautr and Áslakr and Hrólfr raised this stone in memory of Fúl, their partner, who died when kings fought."

In celebration of those this stone was a memorial for, I have made this mask into a representation of Odin, Father of the Slain. 

This Altar Cloth serves as a perfect centerpiece for your altar and to cast your daily runes upon and focus on their meaning.

Available as both linen and rabbit pelt altar cloths.


Size: Approx. 15in x 15in

Heavy weight linen in 4 color options: Raven (Black), Northern Fjord (Blue), Bloodstone (Red), Ancient Wood (green)


Each pelt is unique in size, shape and color. The pelt shown is not the pelt you will receive. 

Size is approximately 12in x 18in, but can vary a few inches either way from that.

The pelts are printed with linoleum block style print. Each stamp has been carved out by myself by hand. The are printed using high quality inks made for art printing specifically. 

If they get soiled, I recommend spot cleaning with a damp, not soaked, cloth to wipe away and debris carefully. Be mindful of the ink if you do this, excessive wiping could potentially wipe away the design. If properly care for these should last a lifetime. 

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the nature of block printing on natural fabrics and pelts (especially the pelts), there is a likelihood for some inconsistencies in the prints themselves. I believe this adds to the uniqueness and character of the prints as they all are different in some way. Please keep this is mind as the designs with have spots that are printed lighter than others or spots that are missing. I am happy to replace an altar cloth that you are not happy with because of this, however, shipping both ways will be at your own expense. 

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