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The Beard in the North

Premium Rustic Horn Cup

Premium Rustic Horn Cup

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Handcrafted from authentic cow horn, each cup boasts a unique and rustic charm, making it a conversation piece at any gathering. The horn's natural curves and colors showcase the individuality of each cup, making your drinking ritual a more unique experience. 

These Viking Horn Cups are not only a nod to history but also a practical addition to your table. The interior is carefully sealed, with FDA Compliant Epoxy Resin ensuring a safe drinking experience, while the sturdy wooden base, made from Walnut, offers stability and prevents spills.


The epoxy coating is rated safe for beer, wine/mead and other standard beverages. The epoxy is technically rated safe for hot liquids, HOWEVER, due to the nature of horn, and the thickness of some of the pieces, I wouldn't recommend hot beverages as the cup itself may become extremely hot. Also, horn and wood are natural materials, thus drastic changes in temperature may cause movement in the materials, resulting in cracks and/or leaks. 

Horn is a natural material, and needs proper care similar to wood. These cups are polished with a food grade polish on the outside. Leaving a beautiful shine. In the case where they seem to become too dry, horn can crack, and the wood bottoms can also expand/shrink and crack. I recommend using a butcher block conditioning oil to help maintain the horns in this case. With proper care they can last a lifetime.

Available in the following cup sizes.

Small: Under 12 oz

Medium: 12-15 oz

Large: 16-19 oz

XL: 20-23 oz

XXL: 24 oz Plus

** Not Dishwasher Safe. No Returns, Refunds, or Exchanges will be given to misused and abused cups. **

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