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The Beard in the North

Small Triangle Altar - 12 inch - Hávamál, Stanza 77

Small Triangle Altar - 12 inch - Hávamál, Stanza 77

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"Deyr fé
deyja frændr
deyr sjálfr it sama
ek veit einn
at aldri deyr
dómr um dauðan hvern"

- Hávamál, Stanza 77

These small altars bring the power of the Hanged One, with the power of the triangle to serve you and your family. May they manifest your deepest desires and dreams.



Material: Pine

Stain: Ebony

Sides: 12-3/4 inches

Height: 11 inches

Inside Height: 8-3/4 inches

This altar should hold most small-medium sized god statues. The base is slightly deeper to support wider statues. The altar can also be either hung on a wall or free-standing on a shelf, dresser, or wherever you wish to place it. 

Disclaimer: Does not include anything other than the wooden triangle shaped altar. Everything else in the photos are to represent what can be done with the altars and for size reference only.


- Please allow 3-5 business days for production of these items -


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